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Member Kit.
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Joined: 21st Nov 2014
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29th Nov 2014

As we discussed last time about member kits,after much thoughts,i decided to implement the following items in the kit.
1.A tutorial book/guide <--I'll either make one or use Oreo's book
2. 64 Melon Slice <Please note that if our pig spawners works,this will change to 64 porkchorps>
3.16 Iron ingots
4.2 ice
5.Half Stack of cobble Stone
6.2 Stacks of their chosen wood.[It can be also 1 stack of oak and 1 of birch] <--eg.
The items will be already put in  chests, in assistant base,under town spawn.
you will just have to take from there and give.
Last Edit: 29th Nov 2014 by TrevishX
Joined: 5th Dec 2014
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5th Dec 2014

what about tools? i think they'll need tools for mining or building their house.
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